Main Article: Types of Sports


Main Article: Types of Sports

Sports is a broad classification of activities that can be played for fun or for competition in organized sporting events. Sports can be broadly categorized into contact sports such as contact volleyball, ice hockey, softball, basketball, American football, softball, soccer, wrestling, lacrosse, track & field, wrestling, motorcross, surfing, karate, wrestling, surfing, motor-boat racing, sailing, racing and gymnastics. Sport (or physical activity) is any form of typically competitive physical activity that, through organised or casual participation, attempt to use, develop or enhance particular physical skill and ability while providing entertainment for participants, and sometimes, spectators. Sports can be performed by individuals, teams, associations, clubs or communities.

The term sport was originally used to denote the competitions organized to test each individuals’ abilities and skills. The first common example of an international sports competition was the Olympic Games which were held in ancient Greece, during the 5th century BC. Olympic games were intended to allow a person to show off his physical aptitude by placing him or her in a competitive category. Later, when the games developed to have more financial value, it also became a means to determine the winner of a particular game. Competitions from around the world have been ongoing ever since the Olympic Games began.

A sport can only be called a sport if it involves physical contact between its participants, where goals are being contested and physical contact is unavoidable. However, the term sport does not always mean the same thing; most often, it is used to refer to physical contact involving two or more participants where the outcome is not subject to any sort of contest or competition. The Olympic Games differ from other popular examples of sports because no form of weaponry or physical harm is involved.

International sports competitions usually draw a large number of athletes from various countries and cultures which helps to promote better relations between nations. These sports tournaments have rules that need to be followed and need to follow strict guidelines when it comes to reporting of results. An athlete who has won a particular competition may have a plaque or trophy displayed for the next year’s event as well as monetary rewards. Athletes are usually required to wear uniform clothing when participating in a competition so that the spectators can easily identify them.

Sports that require physical dexterity and athletic ability are known as contact sports, such as track and field, softball, basketball, swimming, table tennis, golf, soccer, hockey and the like. A competitive sports competition requires its participants to use their entire physical power, as well as their mental strength, in order to excel at the sport. These competitors have to follow all of the rules of the game in order to prevent themselves from being disqualified. For instance, in swimming, a competitor is only allowed to push against the water using their feet; in table tennis, the players have to serve the ball over the net using their legs; and in golf, a player can only hit the ball while keeping both hands on the club.

In the main article, we have discussed different kinds of sports, as well as their rules and regulations. We also saw how these sports help people in having fun. It is up to us to determine which among these sports we like the most. Aside from having fun, participating in sports helps participants develop their talents and skills, while helping them build confidence as they become stronger and better athletes in the future. We hope that the information given in this main article has helped you become more familiar with the different sports and their strategies in being performed.