Types of Beverages That Don’t Consume Any Alcohol


Types of Beverages That Don’t Consume Any Alcohol

A drink is any liquid meant for human consumption intended to quench one’s thirst. Also known as liquids, drinks fulfill several functions in human life. Common examples of drinks include juice, milk, water and other soft drinks. Traditionally hot beverages like tea, coffee and hot chocolate were considered ideal drinks for early man.

With the advent of industrialization and modernization, there has been an increased demand for different types of beverages. Also referred to as drinks, these are popular due to their taste, aroma, color and other physical characteristics. Many drinks can be consumed regularly without any negative consequences. However, excessive consumption of some beverages can have adverse effects on health.

In the beginning, there was only one drink produced – water or ale. Water and ale are derived from natural resources; therefore, the content of each drink was relatively high. However, with the progress of the beverage industry, new drinks were developed based on ingredients that had not yet been discovered by humans. Some of these drinks made using fruits are categorized below:

Fruit juices: These products contain a high level of natural energy and are available in the market today. In fact, most fruit juices sold in the market are of a carbonated nature. Fruits are mainly used to improve taste, color and aroma of various beverages. In addition, they also provide health benefits such as better digestion, protection against various infections and easy disposal of body waste. Some of the popular beverage products based on fruits are lemonade, orange juice, and gourmet teas.

Non-alcoholic Drinks: There are plenty of beverages in the market today that do not contain alcohol. These non-alcoholic drinks are called non-alcoholic beverages. Bubble tea and flavored green tea are some of these products. These are very popular among children and youth because of their low calorie and low carbohydrate contents. flavored soft drinks are also non-alcoholic drinks that are sold in large quantity in the markets today. flavored soft drinks include the popular soft drink Pringles, Ginger ale and various flavors of soda.

Beer and Wine: Both beer and wine are considering non-alcoholic drinks but with different types of tastes. There are many countries around the world where beer is much cheaper than wine and the same case prevails in the US as well. There are lots of people who drink beer daily and the number is increasing day by day.