The Definition of Sports and Sports Entertainment

A sport is a competitive physical activity in which the participants attempt to gain physical ability or skill by participating in a particular activity. This type of activity is generally considered an entertainment activity, and can be played by two people or hundreds of people at the same time. A sport is generally categorized as any activity involving a particular type of physical dexterity or athleticism. The Olympic Games accept only sports that have some element of physical exertion as a component.


The term sport refers to any physical activity that involves a team of people and is played for entertainment. The goal of sports is to develop physical ability and to provide entertainment for spectators, while improving the health and well-being of participants. Hundreds of different sports are played around the world. Some of these activities involve a single contestant, while others involve many simultaneous participants. Some sports are competitions between two teams, while others are contests between individuals or teams.

Organised sport is an example of entertainment and is an excellent way to spend an evening with friends. The results of games and tournaments are often announced and reported widely in sports news. Non-participants may also find sport to be a great source of entertainment. Spectator sports draw large crowds to venues, and broadcasting of sporting events reaches a much wider audience. Kearney, a consultancy, estimates that the global sporting industry is worth more than $620 billion in 2013.

Organised sport and social sport differ in the way they are organized. The former tends to be more traditional and more focused on human activity. In the end, both are forms of physical exertion with a specific focus. The latter tends to be more modified and have more commercial purposes. They may be more popular among a specific audience, but they share a common purpose. The latter is an important consideration when defining the difference between sports and social activity.

Organised sport and spectator sport are both forms of entertainment. Spectator sports are the most popular and have the biggest audience. Some spectators, such as the general public and the media, have even dubbed the games as “sports”. In addition to the athletes and the spectators, the sport industry also attracts large numbers of people. Some spectators even watch the games online. Despite the fact that spectators are largely spectators, the value of sports is high for the whole world.

Apart from the competition, sport also has nationalistic implications. Its pursuit is often marked by nationalism and can lead to violent clashes outside of sporting venues. Ultimately, it is important to realize that sports can bring positive benefits to the lives of individuals and society. The purpose of a sport is to improve physical health, and therefore it is beneficial for all of us. But if you don’t want to be a spectator, you can still play a sport for free and enjoy the thrill of competition.