Sports Journalism and the Importance of Sportsmanship

A sports film is an often-imitated film genre which makes use of sport as the main theme of the movie. It’s often a character-driven drama in which a sports event, player, or fan of sport are heavily involved, and that depend greatly on sport for their story inspiration or resolution. There’s been a lot of success with this kind of movie lately. While not every film that falls under this term is successful, many have been successful enough to earn the status of a cult film franchise, like the Fast And furious series that starred Michael J Fox and Tyra Banks. This article will discuss the various kinds of sports movies that are now available for viewing on home video.


One of the most popular genres of sports movies is the football film. Football fans have been especially popular with regards to this sub-genre of film, as it tends to center on a particular team or player, and the conflicts that arise between that team and their supporters. A good example of a football film that was released in recent years is the Saturday Night Fever film franchise.

Another very popular sports film that was produced during recent years is the rugby league movie franchise. This particular genre revolves around the exciting and intense world of the English and Welsh premiership teams. Both the English and Welsh national teams are wildly popular sports for fans all over the world. A very interesting point of note about this type of film is that many people in the US, Canada and South Africa are beginning to show interest in watching rugby matches from the English premiership, rather than the more traditional rugby from southern Africa. The rugby union has enjoyed massive growth in recent years. The game has exploded in popularity in the past few years, particularly in the US and Canada.

Perhaps the most well-known sports movie of recent years is the Oscar Award winning The Invictus. This is the story of how an unexpected World Cup victory by the host country Brazil ended the decades long rivalry between South Africa and England in the World Cup. The movie also tells the story of how the World Cup victors were treated by the rest of the world. Apart from being a great sports movie, the novel has a lot of social and political meaning to it as well. It showed the contrasting views towards the different type of countries in the world.

The last section of this article looks at the coverage of the football World Cup by the media. The importance of the media in the modern era can never be understated. The internet and television provide the most up to date news of what is happening around the world at any given time. The modern sports fan has never before experienced anything like the World Cup and its implications. The coverage required by such a large audience demands some unique skills by the media outlets covering the tournament. This article examines these key aspects of modern day sports journalism.

The fourth and final part of this main article looks at sportsmanship. The term sportsmanship can cover a wide range of actions that can help to promote a positive sporting tradition. Examples include physical contact sports such as wrestling or boxing where the competitors attempt to knock each other out. It can also be restricted to verbal contact sports such as a game of golf where players try to send each other shots. Sportsmanship is important in all sporting disciplines but it is especially relevant in the world of sports.