How to Define Drink

A drink is a liquid that is meant for human consumption. Apart from being a source of pleasure and a necessity to keep you hydrated, drinks play important cultural roles. Common types of drinks include plain drinking water, juice, smoothies, soft drinks, and coffee. The more traditional varieties include tea, hot chocolate, and coffee. The term drink also refers to any beverage that has a flavor and can be served to people. However, this definition is not exhaustive.


To describe a drink, the past participle is drunk. Drank is the alternate form, and both are commonly used in speech. Drank is the standard past participle of drink and is associated with intoxication. It is often used as a verb in informal speech. Other versions of the verb are out*drink and out*drunk. The main difference between out- and in-drink is the prefix out.

Both the present and past tense forms of drink have the same meaning – to consume or to drink alcohol. For example, drunk can mean “to consume alcohol,” while out*drink is another variant. The former is more formal and more casual, and it refers to the quantity consumed. Both the verbs can be used in sentences that describe how the person consumed a certain beverage. The former is more polite and elegant than the latter, but it is still considered more informal.

The most common form of drink is ‘to drink’. This verb can mean to “suck” something. The latter is used for drinking the contents. The former is used when the speaker has already consumed the beverage. It is also a synonym for ‘to swallow’. If you want to learn more about a particular word, try searching for it using a dictionary. It might come in handy one day. And don’t forget to read the ‘drink’ article that’s available online.

When you’re talking about a drink, the past participle of drink is ‘drunk’. The latter is not a standard form. Nevertheless, it is common in speech and can be used to describe a person who is drinking. It is best to use the singular form when speaking about a beverage. Otherwise, it’s better to avoid ‘drunk’. In addition, it is the past tense of ‘drink’.

The past participle of drink is ‘drunk’. The alternative form is ‘drunk’. It is a synonym of ‘out’, which is a verb. The verb ‘drunk’ sounds like ‘out’ is another common word for drink. It means ‘to out drink’, and it can be a slang word. It can mean ‘drink’ in a sentence.

‘drink’ is a general term for drinking a liquid. A drink without an object indicates that a person does not drink alcohol. A drink can be a noun or a verb. It can refer to a person who has no intention of drinking or who is drinking infrequently. The latter, however, is a more formal term. In the United States, “drink” usually means ‘to consume’.