How Much Alcohol Should I Drink?


How Much Alcohol Should I Drink?

A drink is a liquid designed for consumption. Aside from their basic purpose of quenching thirst, alcoholic drinks also play important cultural roles. Traditional types of alcoholic drinks include beer, wine, fruit juices, and pop. Generally, common types of drink are cold drinks such as ice-cream, cold tea, hot chocolate and coffee.

There are also some sub-alcohols which are technically considered as alcoholic beverages but that do not include the high-proof liquors like V8, gin, vodka, whiskey and tequila. A sub-alcohol is a flavored drink, liqueur or a sugar-water mix which has been added to alcohol. Some of the most popular soft drinks and liqueurs are cola, soda pop, chewing gum, jalopy liqueur, ginger ale, beer, malt beverages and sparkling wine.

There is much alcohol in standard beer, a standard drink that is made with 2.5 percent alcohol by volume. Many bars and nightclubs serve their drinks with coasters, umbrellas and plastic straws to avoid possible spilling. The same thing goes for wines and scotch. Soft drinks such as soda, energy drinks and fruit juices are much less likely to spill and serve without coaster. At home, a glass of water is the most suitable vessel for carbonated drinks such as lemonade or pop. If you want to enjoy your fruit juices, try to serve it in a glass jar, not a bottle.

Wine is another popular option for a drink and comes in several varieties. The more pure the alcoholic content, the less it will cost. A lot of people prefer red wine over white because of its flavor and rich taste. Red wine is usually lighter in alcohol content than most other types of wines. The cheaper brands contain no alcohol at all. The more expensive ones may have up to one and a half percent alcohol.

Many of the drinks above can be made without any alcohol at all. If you want to drink coffee, simply add cream and sugar, or just add a spoonful of honey. If you want to drink a nice fruity brand of liquor, mix vanilla ice cream with lemon juice, about two teaspoons of grain free corn syrup and one and a half ounces of regular beer.

As we have seen, not all alcoholic beverages are harmful to our bodies. There are many options on the market for those who wish to have a few drinks, especially if they cannot have hard liquor. Soft drinks can be enjoyed by anyone, as long as it is consumed in moderation. One should know that some of these soft drinks contain more calories and fewer nutritional benefits than regular soft drinks, though. This is especially true with diet soft drinks, which are made with mostly empty calories because most of them are made with high fructose corn syrup.