How Much Alcohol Is Too Much?

A drink is generally a liquid meant for consumption. In addition to their primary function of quenching thirst, beverages also play important symbolic roles in modern society. Common varieties of beverages available in stores include soft drinks, water, milk and tea.


Traditionally, cold drinks usually contain either coffee tea or hot chocolate, plus a sugar substitute. As the years have progressed, however, drink manufacturers have introduced fruit juices, milk and non-alcoholic beverages such as fruit juice. Many people prefer fruit juices over milk products and other non-fruits because it tastes better. Juices that contain a high level of fructose, corn syrup or artificial flavors are more desirable than those with natural fruit flavorings. However, one should avoid drinks containing high concentrations of fructose, as this can be very harmful.

Many people believe that it is unfashionable to consume alcohol, as it might associate them with a bad taste and smell. But as mentioned earlier, non-alcoholic drinks are available in the market in different flavors. Some people choose to add a small amount of wine to their non-alcoholic drink so that it does not have an aftertaste. Some people who want to have a sip of alcohol can simply take a shot of tequila or vodka, which are very acceptable and can be drunk along with your main meal.

People who are consuming alcoholic drinks on a regular basis should make sure that they drink only what is specified by their doctor. Alcoholic beverages can cause different types of diseases in human beings, thus consulting a qualified medical practitioner is necessary. Non-alcoholic drinks are healthier substitutes for alcoholic ones, which you can try out if you feel like having a drink. It is a non-alcoholic liquid that has absolutely no taste like alcohol.

One should know how much alcohol he needs to consume before actually consuming the beverage. In case of small quantities, a glass of wine is sufficient. But when you drink a large quantity of the non-alcoholic liquid every day, you might face health problems such as dehydration, increased blood pressure, tremors, vomiting, heart attacks and damage to the brain. For this reason, if you feel that you need more alcohol than the ones recommended by your physician, it is better to drink the distilled spirits, non-alcoholic beer, liqueur, wine or vodka.

There are many types of mixed drink, from the traditional drink of Irish cream and lemon to the non-alcoholic smoothie. These drinks do not contain any alcohol, but are a great substitute for alcoholic ones. A good mixed drink recipe can give you the same effect as an alcoholic drink, without the health risk.