A Definition of Sport


A Definition of Sport

Sports are a major source of physical exercise and recreation. Sports have been around since man began his quest to survive, as they were used as ways for groups of people to identify, compete and show off their prowess. Today, sports are popular as an individual sport that may involve physical contact or competitions involving a group of people.

Most sports are considered competitive, but some are non-competitive. Sport (or physical activity) is any form of typically competitive physical activity that, through organised or casual participation, attempt to use, develop or maintain particular physical skill and ability at the expense of others, and sometimes, spectators. The common characteristics of most sports include throwing, catching, kicking, wrestling, running and fighting. Most sports can be divided further into various sections, including youth, recreational and competitive.

The term “sport” itself, however, can mean different things to different people. Some consider any competition or physical exertion as sports, while others reserve the term only for competitive athletics. The most common competitors are athletes in contact sports such as running, rugby, swimming, basketball, hockey, football and lacrosse. The definition of “sport” then, can include non-physical activities that promote competitiveness and which may involve contact. The most common venues for these competitions include sporting events like horse racing, wrestling, baseball, softball, soccer, basketball and football, and boxing.

Modern sports refer to past forms of physical activities. For example, soccer began as a game involving members of organized teams; today, it is a popular spectator sport as well as a popular professional sport. Basketball, baseball, tennis, golf and football are other common games sports. Many games sports require specialized equipment and training, which make sports much more strenuous than traditional exercises.

While sports may seem as if they are only for athletes, they can also benefit from the use of a variety of recreational activities. These activities can include hiking, bowling, swimming, martial arts and aerobics, dancing, hiking, rollerblading and bicycling. These activities can be used to reduce stress and improve one’s physical fitness. These recreational sports also allow people to spend time with friends and family. While participating in a sport does require a certain level of skill, many games and activities have developed over the years to make them accessible to everyone.

Sports are an important part of our culture and identity. Many people take part in sports as a way to socialize, build strength and build flexibility, improve their physical fitness and generally make sure they are “in shape.” Because the definition of “sport” varies from person to person, and even from country to country, it is not clear whether or not every form of activity that constitutes a sport is a sport. International sports are especially popular, since the rules of most games do not require a ball or any other type of equipment.