Western Digital 1TB External Hard Drive Review

Being a photographer keeping my images safe is my top priority but because I often shoot in a RAW format it means that my images take up a lot of space. My current computer system is probably around 5 years old so unfortunately I am stuck with a computer with a 125GB hard disk drive. This hard drive would be more than ample for everyday use but I often shoot around 8GB of photos each and every shoot I do and when you take into account I shoot between 3-5 shows a week then my small hard disk becomes a problem.

For this reason I had to get an Best 1TB external Hard Disk. I took a while to research some and came across a few that I liked. There were some hard drives that were really thin and would be excellent on the move as they were so small, however these hard drives had a little more memory than my current hard drive, these weren’t going to last me long.

The hard disk that I decided to go with was the western digital elements 1TB drive. The reason for my choice was that the storage space was massive and the hard drive was well priced. My initial purchase was from eBay but the seller sent me out a Spanish version for some reason, so I sent it back and purchased the drive from amazon where it was the same price.

The Review

The Western Digital elements hard disk is much smaller than I expected, it’s roughly the size of a small book and weighs around the same. One of the best features I found with this hard drive is the noise of it, it makes next to none and I constantly check to see if its plugged in. the silent noise levels is a great advantage of having this hard drive as I have tested some in the past that are extremely noisy which becomes a big annoyance when you have to live with the thing.

The power LED is located at the back which is another excellent feature of this external drive. If you look around you chances are that there are flashing lights where ever you look, when it comes to televisions or computers these lights stay on even when you’re not using the device, this becomes annoying when you are trying to do something else and not use your computer. The LED on the back of the external drive means that we constantly don’t have a red blinking light in our face.

The drive connects to your computer via USB 2.0, which gives you a constant high transfer speed. I often transfer large files to my hard drive and get a transfer speed between 30MBps and 37MBps which is extremely fast for USB 2.0.

The device is plug and play which means that you just connect the hard drive up to your computer and it’s ready to go, there is no need for any software installation which I found very useful.

The Western Digital Elements hard disk is an excellent external hard drive and since writing this review I have purchased the 2TB model which has allowed me to store even more of my images. If you’re looking for a hard disk drive which is reliable, affordable and easy to use while having tons of room for storage I highly recommend the western digital elements hard disk drive.

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