Vitalizer Plus Water – How to Use It Properly

The Vitalizer Plus is uniquely designed to allow owners to drink structured hexagonal water at home. However, many users have no idea that apart from drinking the hexagonal water, the Vitalizer Plus has many promising uses.

Of course the main purpose of the vitalized water from the Vitalizer Plus machine is to provide its owners and their family/friends with a fresh supply of quality structured hexagonal water for drinking. To maximize the oxygen benefits, you should drink the Vitalizer Plus water within approximately 20 minutes of its creation. Similarly, to maximize the hydration effects of the vitalized water you should drink it within 20 days of its creation. An optimal time of processing which provides a balanced therapeutic water mix for a healthy body detox should be approximately 25 minutes. It is also important to store the Vitalizer Plus water in a separate container after it has been produced.

Like with all new substances, we recommend that you start slowly with the Vitalizer Plus water. Everyone has a different body metabolism and experiences things differently, so the following information is not a guideline but rather a collection of time recommendations that have worked for Vitalflow many people. You should drink the vitalized water in a manner that is comfortable for you. Many people find that for the first week period you should start with about 6 ounces of vitalized water generated in the 9-minutes cycle, and you can drink this throughout your day. However, if you are not seeing big changes or if you feel you want to increase your level then start drinking about 6 ounces more at an interval of every three days until you are starting to feel changes such as more energy, or until you are now exclusively drinking vitalized water throughout your day. Try to keep in mind that by drinking hexagonal water from the Vitalizer Plus you may experience cleansing of your body’s accumulated toxins and detoxification from within may occur, and this is a good thing.

In addition to simply drinking, you can also use Vitalizer Plus water in cooking to improve the nutritional value of foods and for watering plants and gardening to maximize healthy plant growth.

Vitalizer Plus water is a revolution when it comes to drinking water because it goes to show that the structure of the water we drink is a lot more important than its source. Of course, Vitalized water is one of those things that you should experience for yourself; you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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