The Most Suitable School Uniform Fabric

School uniform fabric is cannot be fancy, flamboyant and slippery, but it has to be simple yet elegant. With the change in seasons, change in school uniform fabric takes place as it is according to the weather and climate of the school’s location. If a school is located in hilly Secretary-General of the European Schools areas then obviously the fabric used will be different from that of used in hot regions. Cotton is a chief school uniform fabric for summers. The girls’ skirt and boys’ trousers are made of cotton fabric. But you may also find the blends of polyester and cotton, polyester and wool and polyester viscose.

For winters different fabrics like wool, corduroy, flannel and terelyn are mostly used. These school uniform fabric are used to make blazers, winters skirts and trousers, shirts and jackets.

Different School Uniform Fabrics

The mostly widely used for school shirts. Also in summer cotton shorts are worn by the students in some schools.

Corduray is not that popular in India but it is quiet popular in England and European Schools. School pants and shorts are made from this material.

Denim is not that popular as a school uniform fabric in India as well as England. It gives more casual look.

Blazzers, jackets, short and long trousers are made from flannel fabric. But as it is a warm and wintry fabric so used in schools that are in hilly areas.

Terelyn is a very popular as it is not hard to maintain terelyn. It retains creases even after use.

Blend of wool and cotton are used to make skirts, trousers and jackets.

The rules and regulations decide the school uniform fabric. You cannot go on your own road to select that. So you must check the school for this. Also some schools have the outlets for uniform so that every student has the similar kind of fabric and there is no difference in the color as well.

Depending upon the requirement and school strength the fabric are yarn dyed or piece dyed.

School uniforms make the children distinct for the teachers to recognize them instantly. Also it helps in creating the uniformity among children and thus trying to vanish the financial disparity among students. Apart from this is we look from the students’ point of view then uniform gives him or her the sense of pride, loyalty and acceptance.

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