The Last of Us Game Review – A Look at the Post-Apocalyptic World, Characters, and Gameplay

Tired of the generic zombies found everywhere in pop culture? Then play The Last of Us. This is a game that actually earn to die unblocked gives a sound scientific explanation for the existence of zombies other than the stereotypical random virus or supernatural cause.

You know a game must be doing something right when it sells 1.6 million copies during the first week alone.

Released worldwide in June 2013, The Last of Us gives players the chance to participate in a post-apocalyptic North America a few decades into the future. When you play, you get to take on the role of Joel, who is escorting innocent humans to a friendly resistance group. As you trek across the remains of the fallen civilization, you will have to protect the group against zombies AND hostile humans.

It’s not just zombies that are a threat in the game world – there are hostile humans who are just as bad, if not worse. They won’t hesitate to steal from your party or even kill you.

During your adventure, you’ll be able to craft your own weapons and resources. There are items that can be found and salvaged throughout the world. Use them to built useful things such as weapons and first aid items.

How The Last of Us stands out is that it actually offers a detailed storyline. You really will feel as though you are part of the world in which it takes place. The gameplay involves much, much more than simply running around and shooting zombies. The sound design and emotional depth of the plot has earned the game numerous positive reviews from critics.

In later levels of the game, the player can switch roles, and take control of Ellie instead of Joel. Ellie is part of the party that Joel is escorting. The combat includes both ranged mechanics and melee. There is also a cover system that allows players to crouch near objects.

The environment is amazing. The developers, Naughty Dog, have done a good job at developing a realistic looking post-apocalyptic world. Attention is paid to the tiniest of details. You’ll come across familiar places during your journey, such as Wyoming and Colorado… Or what’s left of them after the apocalypse. This is as much as can be said without spoiling the storyline for you.

Even if you’re not particularly a fan of the zombie genre, there is still enough in this game to keep you entertained. It’s a vast world with lots of things to explore. Try to imagine what it would be like if you were one of the last people on Earth, and you’ll get a chance to experience just that when playing The Last of Us.

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