The Evolving Profession of Computer Technicians

Computer technicians manage everybody computer problems. They participate in all aspects of computer management, starting from installing machines and networks in homes and offices, ניר נגר to getting rid of old machines that have outlived their use. They will attend to all computer maintenance needs like virus removal, data recovery, part replacement, and upgrade.

Computer technicians are basically divided into two groups, namely bench technicians and field technicians. The former works in the computer services facility that employs them, and repairs computers that are brought to the facility for repair or upgrading. The latter are more into providing on site help, working at the customers facility where the computer is kept.

Both types of computer technicians generally handle both hardware and software problems. The main difference is that bench technicians will have more tools at their disposal to work on the problems. Since field technicians have to move around from one place to another, it becomes difficult for them to carry too much testing equipments and repair tools with them.

Computer technicians working from the service center will provide online help also. Using the IP address of the computer and login ID and password, a technician will be able to access the customers computer from his workstation and make out the problem and do the repair through remote access itself.

Some formal training is necessary to become a computer technician. Many technical schools have associate degree courses that train technicians. Companies that provide computer services also train their own technicians while military and paramilitary organizations also have facilities for additional training to computer technicians who have some basic training.

Needless to say, technicians should know everything about hardware, software, networking, and basics of programming. Networking+, A+, and various Microsoft certifications are the courses recommended to become a computer technician. However, hands-on training is necessary to do any ob efficiently and employers ensure that their technicians get it before they are sent out on field jobs. By working as bench technicians in the beginning, they are able to have access to more tools and take help from senior staff on repair techniques that they are not familiar with.

A technician has got to learn continuously. Nowhere does technology change as fast as in the computer field. Most often, before sellers and users become fully familiar with the existing operating system and hardware features, markets have more sophisticated things to offer. The result is that the entire career life of computer technicians will involve as much learning as using the acquired knowledge. Computer professionals have to grow with the profession.

A computer technician should be ready to work at all times of the day because emergency calls may come at any time. Many service centers offer round the clock computer support and technicians working for them should be ready to attend the calls at all times of the day. As in other professions,technicians have also got to be courteous with the customers. If the problem is not immediately solvable, he should be able to help in getting the user a substitute machine during the interim period.

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