The 3 Biggest Online Marketing Mistakes Made by Entrepreneurs – And What to Do Instead

It’s easy to make mistakes in marketing, either from lack of experience, or just being overwhelmed and not sure where to start. Here are the 3 of the easiest mistakes to make, and also the most damaging to a new or emerging online entrepreneur, and how to fix them.

Mistake #1: Expecting your website to do everything!

A website is probably the most important element of your online strategy, especially if you’re just getting into online marketing. And a good website can be a workhorse for your ability to get clients online. But a website alone is not a marketing strategy. Continually focusing on your website by constant overhauling and tweaking just wastes your time and energy, and most likely is not going to get you the results you’re looking for. There are many other aspects to an online marketing strategy; your website is an important cog in the wheel, but just one cog.

What to do instead: Use your website as your branding hub and storehouse for your profit pages. Then drive traffic there with content marketing strategies.

Mistake #2: Being inconsistent.

So you’ve just created a beautiful website with a clean design of antique white with blue accents. Now you’re putting together a flyer using a grunge template of green and black. What’s wrong with this picture? I’ve seen seasoned entrepreneurs fall into this trap because they fail to remember that they are marketing a brand as well as products and services.

What to do instead: Remember that any piece of marketing material you create should have the same look and feel as every other piece. A consistent logo or word mark for your business is the easiest way to achieve this. Try a resource like for an inexpensive way to come up with an appropriate, professional logo.

Mistake #3: Looking for a magic bullet.

Just as you don’t want to put all the pressure on your website, you don’t want to put all your marketing eggs in any one basket. It’s very tempting to go for that social media advertising opportunity that you think is going to be the answer to your marketing prayers. Yes, it will be costly, but hey, all you have to do is throw some money at it and sit back and watch the profits come in, right? Don’t be fooled into thinking that one big expenditure is going to get you through the next quarter or the rest of the year in one fell swoop. You need a well-rounded marketing strategy, and it takes more time and energy than one simple ad on a website or in a magazine.

What to do instead: Realize that there are several components to online marketing and identify the best combination for you, your business and your life. If you’re a busy mom entrepreneur for example, a good marketing online strategy might include tactics such as a blog, website, Pinterest, and Facebook. You may choose to write the blog posts and Pinterest updates, and have a professional create your website and manage your Facebook accounts.

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