Shut Up and Let Me Go – The Ting Tings Lyrics and Beats That Blew the World Away

Katie White and Jules de Martino of the indie pop band, The Ting Tings, stunned everyone with their new brand of sound and eclectic grooves. Their debut album, We Started Nothing, takes us into hidden wiki a whimsical ride to their original techno-pop tunes, unmistakably witty Ting Tings lyrics, and new-fangled musicality that the industry has long been clamoring for.

The Ting Tings hailed from local bars in Salford Mills. In between break ups with other bands and disappointments with studios, Jules and Katie found themselves tired and betrayed by the music industry. Jules hailing from the South of England went to the North and found blonde singer, Katie White studying in Leeds University. The two hit it off quickly and decided to form a band that adheres to the tune and style they want to create. Since both come from a fairly similar yet different upbringing in music, Katie and Jules seemed to balance each other’s impulsivity and seriousness which also translate into the music they create. Hence, the Ting Tings was born.

While in the process of establishing their sound, the duo decided to experiment with different styles and genres until they finally carved out their own niche. Although they have been writing music together for 4 years before the band’s success, it was only when Jules went back to his first love, drumming, and Katie started to toy with the guitar that they finally nailed the sound they want. Katie had a poor attempt on tinkering with a poorly played D chord and started throwing in some melodies taken out from the crevice of her imagination. The product of this serendipitous event led to the composition of the UK radio hit, Great DJ. From then on, the two have worked on the style that they accidentally reinvented followed by the conception of other songs with distinctive Ting Tings lyrics and beats, Shut Up and Let Me Go, That’s Not My Name and Fruit Machine.

After much exposure in UK television shows, radio campaigns, jam-packed gigs, and the quitting of a DJ band member, the band finally signed a huge label deal with Columbia Records and finally released their debut offering We Started Nothing. Before they knew it, their songs are already blaring in the background, being featured in famous American TV shows, and becoming the soundtrack of Friday disco night of many teenagers and music buff the world over.

Their tracks give listeners a whole new mysterious genre with beats reminiscent of 70s disco fever days, and yet, still fresh enough to belong to the 21st century jukebox. A true product of an artistic and innovative band, We Started Nothing marks a definitive turn of European music that promises out-of-the-box and fun approach to music.

White and de Martino stand out among other European artists not only because of their very diverse sound and a polished mix of varied genres in their album. Most of all, they’ve created a mark in the often RnB and pop dominated UK music scene through their overall approach in music. Without coating their songs with uncalled for complexity, White and de Martino pin down their tunes to pure fun and entertainment without jeopardizing their literate musical taste.

One defining characteristic of their music would be the powerful vocal rendering of Katie White. The distinct quality of her voice complements Jules’ crazy drum beats and their arsenal of synths and loop machines. Another devise would be their simplified approach to music hidden behind smart arrangements and intelligent music technology. This approach never bothered for musical frills or seriousness equating to songs that would have you hooked.

The Ting Tings lyrics may not be that poetic, but the beats and loops are enough for them to be marked as a representative of the funk/pop/techno dance genre. An eclectic musical experience to enjoy, the Ting Tings is ready to take over charts and rig in album sales. People all over the world, despite the language barrier, are starting to bask in the swirling notes that this band has brought to the table and recognize them as one of the hottest artists of the year. And with a name like that, who wouldn’t?

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