Safety Equipment and Protective Gear – The Right Equipment Can Save Your Life!

Properly protecting yourself from serious personal injuries This article is designed to inform every user of tools about the importance of using safety products for any project.

As a construction expert witness, I am often asked about the importance of using safety equipment. I have many years of personal experiences with the proper observance of safety procedures and appropriate safety equipment requirements.

In my professional life as a general building contractor, I have conducted regularly scheduled safety meetings, provided safety equipment to my employees, and trained my workmen on the proper ways to protect themselves while on the job. I have personally monitored my crews to verify that appropriate protective gear is worn and used at all times when needed.

In my personal life, safety and appropriate protective equipment is equally as important. I own, maintain, and use just about every piece of job specific safety equipment that is available. It is my opinion that your home workshop, personal residence, and yard can become just as dangerous as a construction jobsite when work is being performed.

Many homeowners think that work around the house is not the same as work on a construction jobsite. Do-it-yourself television programs make renovations seem simple and easy to accomplish. As a result of these numerous television shows, some homeowners attempt to tackle a renovation project completely unprepared, at least with regard to the usage of safety equipment. I have watched many television programs where the contractors, workmen, and homeowners operate noisy power tools without hearing protection. They tear apart walls and demolish interior partitions without dust masks, gloves, or face protection. While performing hazardous work, these tradesmen do not always address job safety or the potential health hazards from asbestos related products, plaster dust, or mold issues that may exist within the scope of the home renovation work. These television shows can mislead or ignore the fact that the general public may view these projects as safe and easy to accomplish. They potentially create safety concerns that can affect the novice and uninformed viewer.

Serious personal injuries occur frequently to homeowners doing simple weekend yard work, mainly due to the fact that they failed to wear protective garments, eye or hearing protection. The “weekend warrior” risks potential injury by over-reaching while working on undersized or improperly positioned ladders, filling hot tools

with explosive gasoline, or digging trenches without checking for underground utilities. They purchase power tools that they may not know how to use and lack the understanding of the potential harm that the tool can create.

In many states, it is a requirement that a construction or demolition site be surveyed for hazardous materials such as asbestos or petroleum products prior to beginning any work. Even some professional contractors ignore this investigation and most homeowners are completely unaware of this 토토사이트 necessary safety check. The importance of this preliminary site survey cannot be overstated. Contamination from construction debris or hazardous waste is not only dangerous to the site workers, but can seriously affect the environment and can create costly cleanup related fees.

I have been the retained construction expert on several personal injury cases that involved trained construction workers. These workmen are required to wear and use protective clothing such as steel toed shoes and a hard hat during normal on the job hours. However, when working on their own personal residences, they chose to wear casual clothes such as tennis shoes, and baseball hats, all the while drinking alcohol. The lack of proper protective gear, in combination with alcohol consumption, and numerous distractions ended in serious personal injuries.

In one of my past construction injury cases, an inebriated tradesman/homeowner decided to adjust an overhead sectional garage door spring. He had no training of any type dealing with these springs and paid no attention to the installed spring tension warning labels. What made him feel qualified was that he had watched a couple of garage door installer’s repair or adjust a neighbors’ garage door. Not understanding the tremendous stored energy in the garage door torsion spring, and after having had a few drinks, the homeowner decided he had the courage to remove the bolts that secure the spring and make an adjustment. He chose to use a small wrench. The short tool that he used became unmanageable in his hand, he lost his grip and the tool which was now powered by the force of the stored energy in the spring, flew off of the bolts and smashed into his face and head.

How does this story relate to safety products? Safety and the appropriate usage of safety products start with the conscious decision on the part of the user to employ those safety devices. Rational behavior and common sense are often impaired by the usage of alcohol, and any construction or yard work should not be performed while under the influence.

Safety products for almost every purpose are available at most local home centers. While the quality and durability of these products may or may not equal products in professional trade supply houses, they at least begin to address the importance of using appropriate safety products to keep the homeowner aware that safety concerns are real. In addition, most safety products are currently available on line and can be purchased for next day delivery.

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