Phishing Schemes That Get Hold of Credit Card Information

Phishing schemes refer to schemes that capture confidential information such as usernames, passwords and credit card details. These schemes are carried out by fake sites with a design that is indistinguishable to the genuine one. Individuals who are unaware of phishing schemes  hydra tor cannot recognize phishing sites. If you wish to know about phishing credit card schemes and ways to protect yourself read on…

Phishing via fake emails
Most of the phishing sites send fake emails with highly attentive subject matter to draw the attention of customers. A great number of emails target your bank accounts and request information such as credit card details, password and other sensitive information. Many people become victims of such phishing schemes as they cannot distinguish phishing emails and give away the information.

Phishing involving Phony URL’s
These schemes are highly difficult to recognize. The phishing site sends an email with links to your bank account. When you click these links, it will appear as if you are being directed to a genuine site, but the trick is that you are seeing a phony image of the genuine URL which is hiding the actual URL of the phishing site you are being directed. This is termed as website forgery.

Don’t get scarred after knowing about the phishing credit card schemes. By following simple measures you can easily combat phishing schemes.

Assign a different name to your bank website
It is impossible for you to distinguish between fake and genuine URL’s. An easy way to accomplish this is to assign a different name to the bank URL for Firefox. Next time when you wish to visit your bank website, you can simply type that name and rest of it is handled by Firefox. If it cannot match the URL, it will abruptly stop navigation and reports an error.

Use latest versions of operating systems and browsers
To reduce the risk of phishing schemes, it is essential to keep your operating system and browsers updated with all latest security solutions. Browsers are also being designed with an inbuilt feature to avoid phishing schemes. Hence, use such browsers to surf over the web. Keep your anti-virus and anti-spyware updated as phishing sites can easily breach the security walls and collect confidential information from your system.

Last suggestion to combat phishing credit card schemes is to use https:// sites rather than http:// sites and always open a fresh browser page to open your bank website.

With the above simple measures, you can easily combat phishing schemes involving credit cards.

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