National Geographic Wild Justice: California Game Warden Show

Recently I had the opportunity to watch the NatGeo new series Wild Justice. Upon first impression I thought that the show wouldn’t be that interesting, I mean what is interesting about a bunch of guys checking peoples hunting tags and fishing licenses? After watching one of the episodes of the show I realized that there is more to being a game warden then I originally thought.

The show seems like an episode of cops mixed up for hunting or fishing channels. Produced by the same guys that make the Deadliest Catch this series is one to put on your watch list for several reasons. Wardens in California not only check and make sure that hunters are following เกมยิงปลาออนไลน์ hunting rules but they also make sure that people aren’t abusing state lands by growing illegal drugs. A good portion of the show is about chasing down wildlife violators and making them pay or the crimes that they committed. With the aid of cars, dogs, aircraft, and boats the game wardens in the state of California do what is necessary to uphold the laws.

There is certainly more action in this show then I’d ever expect and it had no problem keeping my interest. When catching poachers game wardens are almost guaranteed to be chasing down a suspect who will most likely be armed. The show highlights on the extra precautions that the wardens must take because of the nature of their suspects and the relationship that they have with firearms. Often wardens find themselves in less than favorably situations. From getting tips about poachers to catching drug users who are using the states resources to get more drugs this show is extremely interesting and informational.

I personally like this show because it helps to spread information about what it is like to be a game warden. Many people like me are not aware of all that being a game warden entails and by informing people of their activities the show will end up helping the environment and the reputation of hunting. Hopefully when people watch the show they can realize that not all hunters are bad and that they are a few bad apples that ruin the image for the majority. Not only does the show highlight all of the poachers but in one episode they highlight how a warden helps to remove a bear that was causing problems when looking for food in a dumpster. Also in the same episode the wardens are searching for gold prospectors that are destroying the environment in their search of gold.

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