Mercedes-Benz Mercedes AMG

The Mercedes Benz Mercedes AMG is a midsize sedan with plenty of luxury features and good handling ability. Mercedes-AMG Top performance and excellent quality make the choice a breeze for women and men. Learn more about why below!

Mercedes AMG Models

Taking a glance at the Mercedes AMG models, the Mercedes AMG Exterior boasts measurements of 181.1 inches in length, 68 inches in width and 55.6 inches in height, put a wheel base of 106.9 inches, and a curb weight of 3540 pounds. Internal measurements are 38.9 inches of headroom, 52 inches of hip room, 53.1 inches of front shoulder room, 37.3 inches of rear head room, plus 54.3 inches of rear shoulder room, 54.4 inches of rear hip room, 41.7 inches of front leg room and 33 inches of rear leg room. The car has a 12.2 cubic foot capacity for luggage with a maximum cargo capacity of 12 cubit feet and seats five.

High performance features include an 8-cylinder base 5.4 liter engine, with V8 Horsepower of 362 hp, maximum horsepower at 5750 rpm torque at 376 foot-pounds with a maximum torque at 4000 rpm, rear wheel drive and circle turning at 35.3 feet. Reports show EPA Mileage Estimates 17 mile per gallon in the city and 22 mile per gallon on the highway.

Safety and brake features include brake assist plus and anti-lock brakes, Pre-Safe to automatically make sure all electronically open and close items like doors and windows are closed upon exiting the vehicle, Electronic Stability Program to help stop skids and over steering issues and Night View Assist with near infrared illuminators.

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