ow Taxes, Here Are 10 Countries in the World That Are Heaven For QQ Bandar Gamblers

At the moment several countries in the world have issued policies to prohibit all gambling activities, such as qq dealers or not. And also some of them require gamblers to pay large amounts of taxes. In fact, pkv poker some of the countries below are just the opposite.

They even officially legalized all types of gambling. Starting from what is done online or offline. Then, it only collects relatively low taxes on its players. Especially when successful in winning gambling bets in very large numbers.

Immediately, here are some countries in the world that are heaven for gamblers:

List of Countries that are Heaven for QQ Bandar Gamblers in the World

  1. Monaco

The first heaven for qq city gamblers is Monaco. The reason is, this small kingdom led by Prince Albert has the oldest and largest casino in the world. Where, is located in the residency area of ​​Monte Carlo.

In addition, the kingdom, which has a very similar flag to Indonesia, only collects a very small tax from this sector, which is 5%. And it does not collect any income tax from all its citizens. Thus, the small amount of taxes made some crazy riches interested in living there.


  1. Malta

In terms of color, this country which is located in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, as well as directly borders with several countries such as Tunisia, Libya and Algeria is the same as Monaco. Namely red and white. However, speaking of territory, Malta is a bit larger than the Kingdom of Monaco.

Then, talk about the per capita income itself. This country is smaller than Monaco, which is 35 000 dollars. Where, the majority of its income is obtained from tax collection of 5% in the gambling game sector, such as one example is the trusted online qq gambling .

  1. Macau

Macau has long been the center of gambling in Asia. In fact, the popularity of the region which is one of the special autonomous provinces of the Republic of China is very high in the world.

The high popularity of Macau as a bookie gambling paradise is due to several factors. First, the number of casinos in the area is abundant. And arguably, almost part of the building there is a casino. The second is that the local government only levies a gambling bet tax of 5%.

  1. Hongkong

Has quite a lot of English speakers compared to other regions. Plus the buildings are high and magnificent, like European countries. Making this one of China’s special autonomous provinces a paradise for qq city gamblers .

The low tax collected by the local government is 7%. Supported by easy access in and out of this area is another reason why Hong Kong is the most enjoyable place to play gambling of any kind.

  1. Singapore

Singapore may be the first country to legalize gambling in the Southeast Asian region. As well as one of the gambling destinations that are quite popular with some people.

The reason is that the region’s climate is relatively warm, as a result of which tourists from Europe are attracted to visit the country. Next is to have relatively good infrastructure and the amount of tax for qq bookie games , dark toto and so on is only 15%.

  1. France

France is the country most people dream of. Including novice gamblers. The reasons include having unique culinary, unique and instagramable places , and relatively low gambling income tax, which is 15% z

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