Islam Meets Web 2.0 Free RSS Feeds With Muslim Prayer Time Are Now Available

The modern Muslims are getting used to using a religious software and information services (e.g. sms) to get a right time for prayer (salat), that is regarded as an important part of muslim’s lifeمواقيت الصلاة فى الدوحة. Now at the very start of RSS boom Muslim community got the access to Muslim Prayer Time

(Azan) RSS feeds for PCs, mobiles and other devices from Pray In Time Information center.
Accurate calculations of Muslim prayer times for every location is a non-trivial task, because the time of prayer depends on the sunrise and sunset times and geographical location. The sunset and sunrise is different in different locations and change throughout a year. Historically, prayer timing was determined by Islamic religious scholars and the prayers were informed about start of a prayer by the muezzin from a minaret.

Now in the most of modern cities there it is difficult for Muslims to hear an adhan (call to prayer) that makes alternative way of informing prayers about prayer timetable more and more important.
One possibility is to use Azan Islamic software for mobile and PCs, sms azan services that created a market for religious software developers. With the start RSS era this service became available globally for free. It only requires an RSS reader (such as IE 7.0) and hence can run on virtually any PC, PDA, cell phone and any other computer device. The prayer should just visit the Pray In Time information center’s webselect the necessary location and subscribe to this free namaz time service RSS. At the moment more than 6 millions inhabited locations are covered and the number is growing.

Adhan (Azaan, azan and other spellings) (أَذَان) is the Islamic call to prayer, recited by the muezzin. The root of the word is ʼḏn “to permither derivative of this word is uḏun, meaning “ear”. Adhan is called out by the muezzin from a minaret of a mosque five times a day (Sunni Islam) or three times a day (Shi’a Islam) summoning Muslims for fard (mandatory) salah (prayers).
Salat (also salah, solat, solaat, namaz, solah, salaat, namaaz and other spellings) (Arabic: صلاة, Qur’anic Arabic: صلوة, Persian: نماØning to pray, or to bless, generally refers to prayers that Muslims offer to God (Arabic:Allah) and most commonly refers to the five dailyritual prayers in Islam. It is one of the Five Pillars of Islam in Sunni Islam, and one of the ten Branches of Religion in Shi’a Islam. As such, it is compulsory (fard) upon every Muslim.
About Pray In Time information center.

Pray In Time was created to provide a reliable information to muslim community via web. Started as a Prayer Time information service it added a global muslim directory covering almost all aspects of Muslim’s life.

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