Introduction to Industrial Speed Reducers

To have an understanding about the working and functioning of a gear speed reducer, you should be aware of the basic principles of mechanical engineering. First, you should understand that gears are usually round in shape, though at times cylindrical gears are also used for transmission of mechanical power. Gears come with teeth on the peripheries redüktör that interact with each other when you want to change speed, direction or torque. The housing containing the gears is called a gear box. Selection of gears enables you to decrease the speed with a resultant increase of torque. When an operator wouldn’t like the machine to run at high-speed, they include a gear reducer, comprising of a set or gears, in between the motor and the machine in operation to achieve reduction of speed and hence the power that the machine is transmitting.

An important feature of a gear speed reducer being used with other machines is its capacity to resist high shocks and withstand very heavy pressure at the time of start or when being stopped. Another desirable feature of reducers is that they should operate silently or produce minimum noise or chatter. Gear reducers are frequently used in association with industrial motors and other machines used in printing, packaging, mining and metal working industries. Other industries employing gear reducers include agriculture, horticulture, marine and many more. Since gear reducers are most often used in industrial machines, companies using such machines like to ensure that their investment keeps working without any problem or breakdown at any time. Breaking down of any production machinery results to reduced production and the inability of the manufacturer to make timely deliveries affects its reputation and profits adversely.

There are many companies manufacturing gear reducers in different designs of varying capacities. For instance, Grove Gear Reducers are among the most popular brands of today. Gear reducers are required for repairing of machines and for their optimum operations. Since the likelihood of any of the components, responsible for keeping the motors running, getting broken down in operation can’t be ruled out altogether, manufacturers necessarily need the services of repair companies which can attend to various jobs at very short notices. Even a gear speed reducer may need repairs or replacement due to continuous fluctuations on motor caused by ever-changing low and high speeds. Other likely reasons that lead to repairs or the replacement of gear reducers are the lack of lubrication or inadequate maintenance.

The repair, refurbishing and renovation of gearboxes are highly specialized jobs, undertaken by companies focusing on such jobs. Most such companies undertake the repairs of motors too and other associated machines. Companies offering such specialized services need to be highly competent in their job to ensure that their customers’ machines are kept running at all times. These companies need to employ certified skilled technicians that are competent to undertake repairs of different kinds of motors, reducers, gearboxes and pumps.

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