How to Start and Build Your Own Online Store With No Inventory

1. First think of what type of products you would like to sell online. You can sell any product of your choice; i.e. clothes, electronics, cell phones, online bookstore, jewelry, baby items, sports memorabilia, furniture, art, handmade items, etc. Think about what products or hobbies you may have an interest in. Do your research to see what products are hot in today’s market. Check eBay to see what the top selling products are, or how many bids are placed on products of your interest.

2. Come up with a name for your online store that would be appropriate for the items that you are selling. Example: you have an online Health & Fitness bookstore and you want to name your site

3. Find a hosting company and do a name search on the name that you would like to use. If the name is taken check to see if it is available or reverse your site’s name and use Many hosting companies will give suggestions that you may choose from that are not already registered.

4. Check the hosting packages the Host has to offer. Some may have a free domain name included with the package or you may have to register the domain name at a low price. Hosting packages are priced by the number of products, services and tools offered. You may want to start off with the lowest package and as you add more products to your store upgrade as needed. Decide what your needs are and how many products you will want to start off with in your store. Many hosting companies offer ecommerce packages at reasonable rates.

5. Start designing and adding your products! No worries at all, build your site and have it launched in no time without the knowledge of HTML and web design software! It’s as easy as 123. Most hosting Electronics companies offer their own designing tools and a wide range of design templates to customize your store. You can upload your own photos and logo, videos and more. Don’t forget that their technicians are just a phone call away if you need assistance. You will be a Pro Designer sooner than you think! So let nothing intimidate you or stand in your way of making the residual income you deserve to make. You are well on your way to being an online retailer!

6. Once you have completed designing and adding products to your wonderful site, you are ready to Publish or launch your site. Don’t forget to optimize your site and submit it to all the search engines so it can be found.


I coached the owner of this site on how to start and build an online retail store with no inventory. She launched her Lingerie site in 1wk while working a fulltime time job.

Search for dropshippers and wholesalers for products.

If you find a wholesalers that do not mention dropship on their site, call to find out if they will dropship single items to your customers for wholesale pricing. (most of them do!)

You will have to register or sign-up with dropshippers & wholesalers you choose to order from.

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