Grand Canyon Air Tour – My Bird’s Eye View of the Grand Canyon

An air tour over the Grand Canyon is something I must recommend to anyone visiting the Grand Canyon. Taking an air tour over this majestic landscape will give you a bird’s eye view that just simply can’t be adequately described by this article, but I’ll do my best 🙂

I actually worked at the Grand Canyon Airport for a while and had the privilege of taking many air tours over the Grand Canyon. Part of my job was to load up the passengers on to the aircraft and to unload them once they returned from their Grand Canyon air tour. I got to hear first hand from many people just how amazing their air tour was. For those considering taking an air tour over the Grand Canyon, you won’t be disappointed! For those who aren’t considering taking an air tour over the Grand Canyon, you should be!

I’d like to share my experience of my air tour over the Grand Canyon. I had been working for one of the local air tour companies for a little while and part of the training is to actually take one of the air tours to see the Grand Canyon. Not a bad deal, getting paid my hourly wage to enjoy a nice scenic air tour over the Grand Canyon. I boarded the 19 passenger Twin Otter aircraft and watched as a fellow employee pulled the stairs away from the plane. We were all closed in now and the crew was making the necessary prechecks prior to taking off for our air tour.

As the First Officer was briefing us about safety issues and so forth regarding our air tour the Captain started up engine number two and I watched as the propellor started spinning faster and faster. Before long both the props were running and we started taxiing down the ramp towards the runway. After receiving clearance from the tower our aircraft started speeding full throttle towards my Grand Canyon air tour! Having seen the Grand Canyon many times from the ground I knew it would be even more spectacular to see from an air tour. We lifted off the ground and the trees below got smaller and smaller until we reached a steady altitude. It was interesting seeing the various parts of the small town that I was so familiar with from the air.

Each passenger had a nice set of Bose headphones to listen to a narration about the Grand Canyon during the air tour. This gives a lot of interesting information about the area. One of the guys I worked with told me he just brought his iPod with him on his air tour and listened to that instead. As interesting as the narration was, that would have been a real nice alternative for my air tour.

It wasn’t long before we started approaching the rim of the Grand Canyon. This is where its going to get tough to describe. How can my words do justice to seeing the Grand Canyon, one of the seven wonders of the world, from an air tour? Seeing the Colorado River rushing through the bottom of the Grand Canyon, the many different layers of rock easily distinguished by their varying shades of color, or the beautiful shadows that the sun casts down just can’t be experienced vicariously.

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