Cheating Boyfriend Test – Warning Signs of a Cheating Boyfriend

Cheating boyfriend test is one of the ways to know that your boyfriend is cheating on you. However, the test alone cannot identify if your boyfriend is really unfaithful. His attributes, attitudes and how do snapchat cheaters hide their affair behaviors can also be a big factor to look at. A combination of these two will help you successfully analyze what is going on with him and to your relationship as a whole.

When you enter into a relationship, you both shared your whole self with him; you share your feelings, temperaments and personalities. He’s been like a best friend and boyfriend at the same time. It’s as if your whole world revolves only with him and you know every inch of information about him. Your boyfriend on the other hand, feels the same as you do. But you cannot avoid keeping secrets in him, much as he does to you. The reason behind it is that there are just things in life that needs to be preserved. The question still remains, how much do you know your boyfriend? Is he honest to you all the way? Do you observe weird changes from him? This article help you find an answer to the questions through a cheating boyfriend test and series of signs of a cheating boyfriend.

Cheating Boyfriend Test

It is important to note first before taking the test that questionnaires are reliable and realistic. In answering as well, you have to read the questions carefully and think before answering. If you are unsure of your answer, never skip and try answering it as best as you can and be honest, because answering it unsurely will give a false outcome of the test. This will also measure on how well do you know your boyfriend.

Cheating boyfriend test is answerable by a YES or a NO. Once you’re done answering, count all the yes. If yes answers are greater than NO, therefore your boyfriend can be unfaithful.

  1. Your boyfriend is hanging out with his male friends much more lately.
  2. He says he is going out to the store to buy something, but doesn’t come back until three hours later.
  3. He is much concern with how he looks lately.
  4. He is much happier lately.
  5. He often goes home late.
  6. He starts working late more often.
  7. Your boyfriend decided to work out in a gym 3-4x weekly and refuses that you go with him.
  8. His sexual desire for you has decreased.
  9. He is less loving and affectionate with you.
  10. He strangely buys you things for no reason at all.
  11. His friends are avoiding talking to you.
  12. When your boyfriend tells you he is going somewhere else with friends and you insist of going, he has lots of reasons of not allowing you to come.
  13. One of your friends or his friends tells you that he’s cheating on you.
  14. He has history of infidelity to his girlfriend.
  15. You have caught him with her another girlfriend and reasons out that “She is a friend”.
  16. When his cellular phone rings, leaves the room to take the call.
  17. If you ask him who called, he either scrabbles around and search for an answer, or get annoyed and agitated that you’re even asking.

Warning Signs of a Cheating Boyfriend

There are a lot of signs that you can observe to your boyfriend, this includes the following:

  • Gets Defensive – If he feels you are asking him because you feel he cheats, he gets defensive and irritated.
  • Gut Feeling – Never ignore that gut feeling. Sometimes, your gut feeling leads you to the right path, and that is, your boyfriend is cheating.
  • Conflicting Stories – a cheating boyfriend lies and makes up stories not to get caught. To observe conflicting stories, when he says stories today, ask him again after 3 days if it fits.
  • Distant Feeling – As your boyfriend gives a part of himself to his new lover, something will almost always be taken away from you and your relationship. You will then feel a distant feeling between you and him although you see each other almost everyday.
  • Hidden Email Accounts – a hidden email can be the best way to hide his communication with his new lover.
  • Isolates You From Social Gatherings – He gives you so many reasons why he doesn’t want you to go along with him on friend’s party.
  • Suspicious Phone Calls – cellular phone is the most personal means of communication aside from dating and seeing each other. You may see your boyfriend when on call, he steps out away from you and continue talking when he’s far enough from you so that you will not hear it.
  • Excessive Computer Use When Alone – they can communicate through yahoo messenger, Facebook or emails. This can also be fast when you are sleeping and you leave him with his computer.
  • Always Covered With Strong Fragrances – a perfume on his new lover may be attached to your boyfriend’s clothes especially when they are becoming intimate.

Those cheating boyfriend test and different signs of a cheating boyfriend will help you, in one way or the other to realize that the one you have committed with and the one you almost shared your life with is a cheater. Courage should take part on the process since knowing him cheats can break your heart. Do not be afraid of confronting him, searching for truth will make you free. For those who have been suspecting a boyfriend of cheating, this article will help you solve the problem. Just remember that you have to observe your boyfriend thoroughly before taking the test. Do not rely much on the test alone. An additional of your intuition will tell you more about how you feel to your boyfriend, bad or good. Don’t delay the process of confrontation so that as early as now, you can still solve and save the relationship. Remember, do this for yourself, your boyfriend and to his another girl, not for a revenge but for one good reason: to become a better person.

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