Can a Roulette Strategy Beat a Mathematically Perfect Game?

“Win $4000 dollars an hour with my roulette strategies” , just another typical headline, when you type roulette strategies or roulette systems in to a search engine. I have been a gambler all my life and I am amazed at the presence of roulette strategies. I am even more amazed by the people who fall for these headlines and buy these roulette strategies, some times buying one roulette system after another.

Roulette is a mathematically perfect game. No matter what bet you place, the wheel cannot be beat in the long term. The more spins a wheel makes the more money that casino will make. No roulette strategy can ever change the odds or turn them in your favour.

Roulette strategies have probably been around as long as the game itself. The oldest of all the table games, roulette is easy to play and a big win at roulette is a great feeling.

Betting on a single number on a roulette wheel will pay you 35-1. There are 37 or 38 numbers on a wheel (depending on where you play – american roulette wheels generally have zero and double zero).
So the odds of hitting your number are 36 or 37-1. The casino always have an edge.

Mouth watering sales copy of these next great roulette strategies are the hook that catch the gambling fish. Gamblers are addicts, the very nature of the word entices you to keep going back. that is why you lose. The people selling these gambling strategies know you will lose. If you Roulette Strategy knew of a roulette system that made you $4000 an hour why would you right a book and sell it as a roulette strategy for a few bucks when the time would be better spent at the wheel.

My life as a gambler has bought me in contact with all sorts of scams. Gamblers very rarely walk away so are always easy targets. My writing career has taken me down the road of exposing these scams as it is important to protect gamblers and gambling at these times of government legislation.

Roulette strategies are just the tip of the ice berg but you must start somewhere. If you have are thinking of buying a roulette strategy you may want to check out this review first.

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