Bagels and Breakfast With the JT2 Conveyor Toaster From Belleco

I remember my first day working a morning shift at the most popular coffee and doughnut shop in town. As a 16 year old, I certainly was not keen on waking up at 5:00 AM, serving hundreds of coffees an hour, or dealing with the incessant nagging from the drive-thru customers. Sure, the free coffee had its perks, but after my near breakdown at the drive-thru speaker, Bagels near me I conveniently relocated myself to the breakfast sandwich and bagel prep table, a station for which I though I was far better suited. My naivety caught up with me as I had previously only used a standard pop-up toaster for making bagels at home. The relocation led me to my first interaction with the JT2 conveyor toaster from Belleco.

At that time I was simply fascinated with the quality, consistency, and overall simplicity of the conveyor toaster. Place the bagels or croissants onto the top of the conveyor, and in about ten to fifteen seconds you were presented with a perfectly toasted product from the bottom. I found this far more relaxing than the static-filled speaker box I with which I was previously affiliated.

It was at this time I formed a bond with another new employee who came to be known as my “Bagel Brother” but we’ll leave that story for another time. Between the two of us, we came to master every aspect of breakfast. The conveyor toaster was adjustable in terms of heat and speed, so everything we toasted was to our customers’ exact specifications. The Belleco JT2 conveyor toaster was not just perfect for bagels and croissants, but also accommodated waffles, rolls, and English muffins, among other products.

For any sized business – from the diner to the drive-thru – that requires large-scale toasting of items, the Belleco JT2 conveyor toaster should not be overlooked. It toasts up to 800 slices of bread or bun halves per hour, is inexpensive to operate, and is constructed of heavy duty stainless steel. Its importance can also not be overlooked in any establishment that specializes in breakfast.

The  is equipped with a few other features worth noting. The JT2 also remains cool to the touch on the outside ensuring the safety of all operators while a power saving “stand-by” setting reduces electrical consumption by 75%. This is perfect for slower shifts during the day, and the toaster requires little time to return to full strength when switched back to full power. A high temperature limit can also be set to prevent overheating.

While this model operates using 208 volts of electricity, there are several different models of the JT2 from Belleco that can be found on Restaurant One thing remains uniform among them all however, and that is the fact that Belleco provides an easy to use, highly efficient conveyor toaster for rapid production to meet or exceed all of your toasting requirements. Visit our site and find the perfect conveyor toaster for your establishment.

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