A Comprehensive Review on PDF Converter Tools

Adobe Systems designed and introduced Portable Document Format in 1993, coming up with a variety of versions and the latest being PDF 1.7 with advanced set of features. When the Adobe Systems began designing this computer application, the main aim was to coordinate effectively the physically distant computer users. A PDF file format also keeps the content secure and intact with the help of passwords. One can also protect the content of a file with copyright laws by incorporating digital signatures into a computer application. Another beneficial feature of a PDF is that it can be converted from one format to another with ease.For more information visit website

You will find many different types of PDF converter tools available in the market. These are the computer programs that are equipped with assorted set of features. Some provide you with the merge and split feature. With such kind of attribute, you can swiftly merge more than one document into a single PDF file. Another feature is that of splitting a file and this is used when one can split a lengthy file into two or more documents. These features are present in advanced computer programs for the purpose of managing vast amount of data or content. Advanced tools also equip a user with the ‘batch’ and ‘partial’ conversion ability. In the batch conversion feature, you can convert multiple files in batches in a selected format. This saves your time and effort while managing extensive amount of data or content in this information age. You can also make your task convenient while preparing different types of documents on several kinds of subjects. One can use partial conversion feature in order to select only those pages that you wish to convert from one format to another. Some tools also have OCR feature which enables you to create editable text out of scanned PDF files. All these features make your task flexible and the documents interchangeable across multiple platforms. Opt for a trial version before making a final selection of any PDF Converter tool and then you can perform the conversion to speed up your task.

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